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The Fine Arts Mini-Experience program (FAME) is a six year program started by Kathryn Sherrod in order to enrich the classrooms with more exposure to art and music. As schools had to cut back on their art and music programs, more and more schools have started to do FAME.
FAME covers the most important and influential pieces of European and American art and music from the middle ages to the 20th century. Each lesson teaches about one composer and one artist, and incorporates an small art project. The purpose of the program is to familiarize students with well-known artists, composers and their works. Yet beyond that, students also learn how to view a painting and how different styles of painting use the various art elements, e.g. color or lines, in unique ways. The same for music: students learn what different aspects of music they can hear and how these are used by composers in creating their music.
Proctor started with FAME I in the 2007-2008 school year, so FAME V is being taught in the school year 2011-12, FAME VI in the school year 2012-13, FAME I in the school year 2013-14, etc.


FAME is taught by a great team of parent volunteers who love to enrich the lives of their kids with art and music. Normally there are two docents per class. At Proctor most docents teach in the classes of their own kids, some even teach additional classes, as it is such a rewarding task. The kids love it and many docents do FAME every year, because it is so much fun!
No prior knowledge about the arts is necessary to teach FAME! The lessons are pre-scripted. The manual not only provides the necessary knowledge about the painting and music piece of a lesson, it also explains how to teach it, contains the complete script, and even gives you the questions you can ask the students. No teaching experience is required, and the teacher of the class stays with the class and supports the docents. Most docents also do a small art project with the class. The material and guidelines for the art project are all provided.

FAME At Home

Most kids may not recall the name of the artist or the composer or the name of their works, but ask them about the elements discussed and you will be amazed at how much they have learned over the years. You can even ask them about these elements the next time you see a piece of artwork or listen to a song together. Or go to the links below, and see what they can tell you about the various art elements and various art pieces. Things you can ask your kids about ...

Artwork Compositions:
  Light and Shadow
Musical Compositions:

Sign Up

If you are (or know anyone who may be) interested in joining this exceptional program and being a part of your children's lives at the school (repeat: no art or music experience necessary...just enthusiasm!), please contact the office so they can get you in touch with the FAME coordinator. Or fill out the FAME sign-up form and bring it to the office.

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