Volunteer Committees

Proctor PTA needs you ...

Our organization could not exist without the wonderful support of family volunteers and generous donations throughout the year. Every one of our programs, from fundraising to community-building events, to classroom enrichment experiences, requires a committee of dedicated volunteers. Contributing just a few hours a year in the classroom or at a single event is more valuable than you could imagine—we need and appreciate all of our volunteers! We invite you to join Proctor PTA and make a difference by attending our general Association Meetings and PTA-sponsored events and projects. By working together, we can make Proctor School the best it can be!

Please check the list to see where your skills and interests are best matched. Thank you for supporting your PTA with your valuable time and commitment.

Welcome Committee  

Coordinate welcome brunch on first day of school. Bring drinks and treats to PTA meetings when needed (will be reimbursed).
  First day of school, through the school year.
  One meeting before school starts. Drop off needed items a few times a year.

PTA Room Rep Coordinator  

Room Representatives help coordinate school/classroom events (i.e., parties, picnics, etc.) It is not mandatory for Room Reps to attend every party/event planned for their child's classroom. Each classroom will also need a Head Room Rep to act as the lead liaison between the other Room Reps and the teacher.
  Throughout the school year.
  Varies, based on the number of reps.

PTA Photographer  

Take photos during PTA and school functions and prepare promotional materials for PTA use.
  Throughout the school year.
  1-2 volunteers are needed.

Back to School Potluck  

Organize the Back to School Potluck event. Volunteers set up and break down event area, and pick up drinks for the event (purchased by the PTA). Coordinate entertainment options, Proctor families provide the rest of the items.
  Onetime event in the Fall (September).
  A meeting prior to event. Depending on the number of members, 1 to 2 hours the day of the event. We try to have three groups for this event; Setup crew, Event crew, and Cleanup crew.


Coordinate annual fundraiser, communication & promotion, organize volunteers to set up, take down and work event, prizes, etc.
  Onetime event in the Fall (October)
  Coordinating Meetings + 2-3 hours during event. Requires a committee of at least 6 people and 30 day of event volunteers.

Scholastic Book Fairs  

Coordinate ordering and selling books during Back to School NIght and Open House events at the school. Includes set up and break down of the selling area.
  Twice a Year (Fall & Spring).
  2-3 hours during the event.

Fall Carnival  

Organize the Fall Carnival event. Volunteers set up and break down event area. Coordinate entertainment and food options. Proctor classrooms decorate and staff booths.
  Once a year.
  4-6 hours at the event, prep and coordination work before the event. Ideally, a committee of 6 is needed.


FAME is a six year program created by Kathryn Sherrod that teaches students about art and music. It consists of 6 lessons an year, each lesson teaches about one artist and one composer, and normally also contains an art project.
As a FAME docent you teach 6 lessons an year in the class of your child, preferably together with another docent. The lessons are pre scripted, the script contains all the information needed and also shows how to present the information and how to do the art project. The teaching material (music, painting, visuals, art material) is provided.
For more information, please contact the FAME Coordinator or visit the FAME page.
  Throughout the school year.
  Varies based on the number of co-chairs.

Box Tops for Education  

Promote throughout the school year, students to bring in the Boxtops and Labels off popular food items and turn them in for money. [Box Tops for Education website]
  Ongoing throughout the school year.
  2 or 3 meeting throughout the school year. 1 or 2 hours monthly as needed.

Holiday Ceramics Gift Shop  

Coordinate ceramics workshop to make gifts for family during the holiday season. Work with Aran's Art Studio. Other holiday events or drives can be implemented with board/association approval.
  1 Time Event (Early December).
  1 or 2 committee meetings, usually in November. Varies based on the number of volunteers ((approximately 1 to 2 hours at events).

Skate Night  

Schedule and promote a night of skating exclusively for Proctor School at The Golden Skate in San Ramon.
  Onetime event, typically held in February.
  This is a coordinator position. One or two people are needed.

Online Auction  

Coordinate annual fundraiser, organize volunteers to solicit donations, promotion & marketing, oversee online auction, deliver items, etc.
  Onetime event in Spring.
  3-4 Coordination Meetings. Requires a committee of at least 6 people.

Campus Beautification  

Coordinate work parties to beautify the Proctor gardens and common areas. Depending on the number of volunteers, a small amount of additional time on select weekends to work on gardens.
  Twice a Year in Fall & Spring (typicallyOctober and April).
  2-3 meetings throughout the school year and approximately 6 hours the day of the event.

Community Outreach  

During Thanksgiving and December holidays coordinate food donations and deliver to the Community Center to support CV residents who are in need.
  Twice a year, November and December.
  This is a coordinator position. One or tow persons are needed.

Emergency Preparedness  

Maintain fresh supplies; coordinate with school staff; shelter, drills, and education to prepare for any disaster.
  Throughout the school year.
  Depending on the number of members, 3 to 4 one-hour meetings.

Parent Education  

Work with PTA and Principal to provide parent education events at PTA Meetings.
  Throughout the school year.
  2-3 events per year.

Volunteer Coordinator  

Coordinate recruitment of volunteers and management of PEP program at Proctor. PEP trains volunteers to present health promotion curriculum to grades 2-5. Volunteers receive 21 hours of training and are asked to make a 2 year teaching commitment.
  Fall and Spring PEP sessions are 6 weeks long.
  This is a coordinator position for a program that is well established at the school.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon  

Coordinate decorating school area and provide a theme luncheon for Proctor Staff.
  Onetime event.
  1 or 2 committee meetings. Depending on the number of members, between 2 to 3 hours at event.

Office Volunteer Coordinator  

Coordinate volunteers to help make copies and do other projects for teachers.
  Once a week.
  This is a coordinator position.

Nominating Committee  

Find candidates for PTA Board and committee chair positions for the following school year.
  Once a year.
  Approximately 5-8days (not continuous) in the Spring.

5th Grade Picnic  

Coordinate an end of school year at local picnic site for 5th grade classes.
  Onetime event, last week of school.
  Committee of 3 – 4 people is ideal, 2- 4 hours of planning involved.

Registration Committee  

Help Proctor Secretary by coordinating helpers at registration (packet assembly) and during Registration Days.
  Onetime event, the week before the first day of school.
  Forms must be updated and submitted before school is out for summer. Committee should meet once to plan event and attend the two-day registration event.