Lesson 1

Music: “The Snow is Dancingfrom “The Children's Corner Suite” by Claude Debussy, listen to it here

Art: “Woman with Dog” by Mary Cassatt

Lesson 2

Music: “Minuet in G, Toccata & Fugue” by Johann Sebastian Bach, listen to it here and here

Art: “The Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride” by Jan van Eyck

Lesson 3

Music: “Rhapsody in Blueby George Gershwin, listen to an example here

Art: “The Purple Robe” by Henri Matisse

Lesson 4

Music: “Sonata in C Major” by Wolfgang A. Mozart, listen to it here

Art: “Blue Boy” by Thomas Gainsborough

Lesson 5

Music: "Hungarian Rhapsody #2” and "Liebestraum" by Franz Liszt, listen to it here and here

Art: “Persistance of Memory” by Salvador Dali

Lesson 6

Music: “Les Toreadores” from the opera "Carmen" by George Bizet, listen to it here

Art: “Night Watch” by Rembrandt van Rijn


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